Who are we at Wright Way Antiques?

I’m David Wright. I spent 30 years working for and running an international medical charity before ‘retiring’ and indulging my life-long interest in all things antique. Ruth, my wonderful wife, knows far more than I do about ceramics and jewellery. The other vital member of the team is our friend Tracey who is a very experienced reprographics designer. If you’re interested in using Tracey’s services, just drop me a note and I’ll put you in touch.

Wright Way started a few years back when Ruth and I were at an auction and right at the end a dozen Victorian dining chairs came up. On a whim I bought them for an absolute song, but what to do with them? We had all the chairs we needed.

I decided to take them to the largest indoor group of antiques centres in Europe which wasn’t too far from home at Hemswell Cliff, near Lincoln. One of the dealers mentioned that a space was available to rent. He suggested I see if I could sell the chairs. I did and I was hooked!

What do we sell?

We sell a very wide range of antiques, retro and vintage pieces as well as some good quality reproduction items.

I tend to specialise in furniture and the quirky oddball bits and bobs that make life entertaining. Ruth is responsible for much of the amazing Lomosonov, Royal Copenhagen, Royal Doulton and other ceramics we have on offer and also for the bits and pieces of jewellery.

We’re also interested in selling quality antiques and interesting items at affordable prices.

Affordable antiques

A really important aspect of our business is our affordable antiques concept. It’s how you find us on Facebook @wrightway.affordable.antiques. Our business model is not intended to make us millionaires, but instead everything we do is about offering the best possible value for money to you.

Sometimes we really come up trumps. Indeed recently we were able to sell a set of six, solid oak with leather upholstery dining chairs to a lady for just £50 – that’s less than £10 a chair! Of course, we have to strike a fair balance between what we pay for an item and what we charge, but we’re pleased to have an ever-increasing number of repeat customers and sellers.

Shopping with us

When you shop with us, we hope you’ll have fun with your purchases and let them reward you every day with the old-world quality feel. You can also feel great about your choices because affordable antiques are the greenest way to furnish a house. Also, antiques always have a resale value when you want a change. How many expensive modern chipboard things can claim the same?

Just one final thought – we don’t offer a formal valuation service, but if you would like us to look at something, we will give you an honest opinion if we are able.

Explore our shop, find a treasure, and come back to us as often as you’re able. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@wrightwayantiques.co.uk.

Kind regards,
David Wright 
Owner and chief quirky item finder at Wright Way Antiques

David Wright Way Antiques